Monday, 27 December 2010


stay too long
Not being someone that buys much new music; given it's paucity of any artistic merit,my listening habits are generally older musical fare. The one album that stood out for me this year from the new releases, was Plan B's The Defamation of Strickland Banks. Plan B, I assumed, was one of those awful British Rappers. This album proves that young Mister Drew is quite a gifted singer songwriter with a decent voice.
She said
The album is a bit of a concept album, telling the story of a British Soul singer; Strickland Banks. The thing I like about it is that, whilst clearly an album made by a younger person, it has a retro feel as well as a a bit of edge. It's British also with a soulful production style. The Hip Hop element is also there, as is the pop, and on 'Stay too long' they collide with rock impressively.
love goes down-life on Mars-esq
It proves that perhaps modern music is still capable of producing the goods with a nod to the past and a real appreciation of music.
Influences are clear on this album but maybe an influence that has some depth still has an appeal to the young; Which cannot be a bad thing. On the deluxe version you get to hear some live and acoustic versions of songs which show that there seems to be more to Plan B than meets the eye. Listen without prejudice.
Prayin-studio version

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