Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Ooh what’s Christmas and New Year without some lists? So here is mine. These lists are strictly about what I’ve seen and heard, not what s been recommended, caught a bit of, read about but what I’ve seen with my own ears

Firstly my favourite new UK shows on TV. Yes the USA provides excellent TV, a list of which would be pointless so I’ve plumped for new stuff from Blighty that I enjoyed this year.
  1. Luther
  2. The Trip
  3. Lizzie & Sarah
  4. Sherlock
  5. Accused
  6. Coppers
  7. The Silence
  8. Thorne: Sleepyhead/Scaredy cat
  9. Phone shop
Then the world of movies; a tough one in terms of films released this year, due to my lack of attendance at Cinema’s in 2010, so I’m doing movies I’ve watched this year which is mostly on Sky and terrestrial TV; perhaps a result of blogging ( I shall have to redress the balance next year and resume regular cinema visits) Next time around a catch up on those that I’ve yet to whack in the DVD-The Hurt Locker, A Prophet, Valhalla Rising among others.
  1. District 9
  2. Shutter Island
  3. The Reader
  4. Revolutionary Road
  5. The girl with the dragon tattoo
  6. The curious case of Benjamin Button
  7. Kick Ass
  8. Drag me to Hell
  9. Vicki Cristina Barcelona
  10. Gran Torino
I have been asked to, how you say, ‘spin some tunes’ this year on a number of occasions. Here’s my list of songs that have time again worked their magic on the dance floor. Some solid gold here that has got those that were seat bound upright in 2010.

  1. Funky Stuff-Kool and the Gang
  2. Bus stop- Fatback band
  3. I don’t know what it is-The Ripple
  4. Me and baby brother-War
  5. Windy City Theme-Windy City Orchestra
  6. A Message from the Soul sisters-Vicki Anderson
  7. Bump & Hustle music-Tommy Stewart
  8. From the love side-Hank Ballard
  9. Keep on Truckin’-Eddie Kendricks
  10. Paradise-Change
I tend to imbibe in and around Islington. There’s nothing so good as a good public house with good company and fine fare. Here’s my choice this year.
  1. The Junction Tavern Tufnell Park-Best roast fine hosts
  2. The Grafton Holloway-Top pre & post match supping
  3. The Rose and Crown Highgate-beer garden great World cup viewing
  4. N Nineteen-Hornsey-Tucked away and terrific
  5. The Angelic Islington-Light and lively
  6. Kings Head Crouch End-live comedy but this place is seriously nice
  7. Pembroke Castle Primrose Hill-Sensational in Summer
  8. The Stag Hampstead-terrific and a brisk walk from work
  9. The French House Soho-Quirky
  10. The Oxford Kentish Town-on it’s day as good as anywhere
  11. Stag

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