Friday, 31 December 2010


The excellent Land of Cerpts & Honey is currently showcasing his favourite comic book cover, which led me to thinking of my own, so with thanks for the thought to Cerpts. Here are some of mine.

Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. a set of (often imitated) pop art covers by Steranko

Frank Miller's cover to DD issue 187 OVERKILL

Summing up nicely the silliness of Superman and his extended family back in the sixties

The great Neill Adams creates a dramatic cover that makes you want to turn the page instantly
Icon Kirby at his Cosmic best. A cover that does not feature the stars of the comic in its main design
A remarkable Steve Ditko cover to possibly the greatest single issue of Spider-Man
A landmark for The Xmen and Marvel Comics this John Byrne cover dramatically summarises the story within whilst piquing curiosity
Barry Smith's pre Raphaelite tendencies encapsulated on this beautiful cover

The sensational 100 Bullets. 100 fantastic issues 100 amazing covers by Dave Johnson. Hard to pick a best one, you can view them all by following the link

Paul Gulacy's covers for MOKF-a severely under appreciated title- were of a high quality to match the interiors
Jamie Hernandez Love & Rockets. Over 25 years of quality
John Buscema captures two of Marvel's heavy hitters in the philosophical Silver Surfer comic
That man Barry Smith again with Avengers 100
and finally Steve Ditko's mind bending Doctor Strange.

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