Friday, 27 August 2010

MY HIT LIST #1 Dead Man's shoes

Paddy Considine stars as Richard, an ex soldier returning to his hometown, his reason for returning, revenge for an incident involving his younger brother. Those responsible for the crime are a incompetent bunch of petty drug dealers, men who have 'big fish small pond' syndrome. Richard stalks them appearing in their homes and in their business. He gets retribution in a number of disturbing ways. The film slowly reveals the root of Richard's anger over what happened to his brother,played by Toby Kebbell. From this realisation it is clear that the gang have received the ultimate punsihment.

Considine is utterly menacing, and a magnetic presence. Former boxer Gary Stretch is excellent as the leader of the gang, his physical presence makes for a believable leader and nemesis.

Blacker than black comedic sequences, jarring visuals, bloodshed and violence and high levels of tension characterise the disturbing nature of this movie, however the atmosphere of disquiet is essential to the overall feel of a thoughtful and frightening piece of work from Director Shane Meadows.Unmissable. 

dms-who you looking at?



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