Thursday, 23 August 2018


Idiocy is the new black, the new rock 'n' roll, the new broom that has swept away reason. In a search for lack of meaning huge swathes of the population have embraced stupidity with the fervour of born again zealots. A trip to Luton on business cemented my belief on this hot chicken leg of a debate. Blank identikit expressions punctuated by pouts wandering around like extras from 28 Days Later, eyebrows of fake, tattoos of baby faces on calves, jeans of the designer torn variety, socks and adidas slides, slippers and pyjama bottoms, fake tan and pallid of face ingesting deep fried fowl from yellow and orange boxes. It looked like the epicentre of a post apocalyptic ghost town where radiation had created a less charming version of the Moorlocks, only these Morloccks live above the surface.
Being thick is not really the problem though. I think that being gormless is a bit of a blessing, one doesn't have to worry about the big issues; mortality, the state of the planet, why Rothko's work is so emotionally know, that sort of thing.
There's being thick (for want of a better word) and there's being stupid. Being stupid takes an effort, it takes decision making, a bit of planning and a lack of an inner voice.
Stupidity thrives on conformity and Luton presented a town where conformity is king. Don't get me wrong, they seemed friendly enough, in fact they seemed docile and very much like they were living under a dome.
We've seen the rise of certain behaviours and viewpoints from Luton recently so it was interesting to see the place for myself. Nothing shocking, quite a bit of diversity but underlying things was the feeling that any bright people  were either hiding away or had moved away.
In this age of stupidity I feel there will be more Lutons, just as conformist, just as docile and just as stupid.
The Galaxy Centre feels like it's the spiritual home of the hard of thinking and you could almost sense that beneath the Wetherspoons, bowling alley, arcade and cinema there is a gigantic thought processor harvesting any common sense or originality from the local population.
At the moment that Galaxy is far far away from me, but for how long?

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


wellyousaythat has lain dormant for two years. Yes two years! not sure why really, a number of reasons. It's not as if there hasn't  been anything going on in popular culture, or anything to talk about from the old memory banks. It's just been circumstance I suppose. Ive seen some great movies over the last two years, my fair share of excellent TV and many other things appealing to the ear and eye.
Two trips to the Edinburgh Fringe which reaped a variety of rewards. Some gigs, exhibitions and some nights at the Theatre and a few good books and Comic books along the way.
Maybe the creative juices haven't been flowing for two years: I don't know.

The thing is that putting down your thoughts can be the easiest thing in the world but the motivation to do so is the key and without that whats the point? 
That's a rhetorical question. All I know is that 'getting it out' is a good thing. Having an opinion is a good thing, and in this day and age when everyone has one, separating the good from the bad and the ugly is another matter all together.

I think that wellyousaythat is due a revival and that dear reader (singular) is what will be happening. Regular missives from your truly. Hopefully they will be the source of mild amusement, inspiration, debate and hopefully a bit of insight.

Keep watching the skies.

Monday, 4 July 2016


 They Live By Night
 A Bout De Soufle
You Only Live Once
Gun Crazy
Pulp Fiction
True Romance
Natural Born Killers
Bonnie And Clyde
The Sugarland Express
 The Getaway
Wild at Heart