Saturday, 24 October 2015


New York, New York

Scorsese's under-appreciated masterpiece isn't The King Of Comedy, which has rightly received the credit that's due to it, but the musical New York New York. Shades of Douglas Sirk and George Cukor abound as Liza Minnelli gives a grandstanding performance worthy of her mother. The anthemic title song feels like an old standard and her rendition of But The World Goes 'Round is astonishing.

The story is naturally comparable to A Star Is Born as it is a tale of success, avarice, jealousy and passion and Minnelli's co-star shows a side of himself that is surprising and enthralling.

Robert DeNiro is funny, very funny, charming, dangerous and heartfelt in his performance and the chemistry between the two, initially DeNiro's huckster and Minelli's naive new comer, is there for all to see and as their character's relationship becomes darker the sadness is broadcast by both.

That it stands up against the very best Hollywood musicals is immense tribute to the director and his two leads.
New York, New York is well worth a revisit.

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