Saturday, 18 May 2013


Tina Turner v Mad Max / Grace Jones v James Bond

Pop stars have egos, as all performers do, but sometimes those egos lead them to believe they can multi-task and enter the acting fray. Some can and have but others have found themselves in strange roles. The lure of playing opposite iconic characters proving too strong for common sense to prevail. Then there are the downright 'seemed a good idea at the time' parts that leave one asking if money really is that strong an antidote to reasoned decision making. Here are a few incongruous face offs, with the eighties being a particularly fruitful era.

Liberace v Batman
Of course the sixties Batman TV show was all about high camp, even so Liberace as a villain is pushing that particular envelope.

Kelly Rowland v Freddie Kruger
Ex member of Destiny's Child in face off with Horror icon,the inevitable question: why?

Debbie Gibson & Tiffany v Mega Python & Gatoroid
Eighties Pap Pop icons game for a laugh in 
this monster mash

Vanilla Ice v Small Town America
Rebel without a pause button gets 
down with the kids, only not.

Sting v God
I'm not one of those with any axe to grind with Sting but even by his dubious thespian standards this is a stretch

 Boy George v Rednecks
George himself is the first to admit that he was in a drug induced daze throughout the shoot of this not so classic episode of the A-Team. Excruciating? you betcha

Spice Girls v British Cinema
What can one say about this movie? The Holy Grail of bad British cinema...forget that, it's the Holy Grail of bad cinema full stop. Inexcusably awful, these preposterous popsters almost set back the cause of the dramatic arts in the UK with this 30 second sketch spread wafer thin into feature length purgatory.

David Bowie v Berlin
Not sure what Bowie's gigolo was up to in this debacle but he was surrounded by good actors who can take no pride in their contribution. Looking back, Bowie is the first to admit it was an unmitigated disaster.

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