Saturday, 2 March 2013


Jack Kirby, righly known as The King of Comic Books created and co created many, many amazing characters and used his exemplary art style to bring them to vivid exciting life. Kirby's style has been described as 'Dynamic rendering' and perhaps his most dynamic character was Scott Free AKA Mister Miracle.

A rare animated excursion based on Kirby's characters
The world in which this character existed was crazy, cool and totally unique. A super escape artist from another galaxy populated by nutty characters with outragous names taking part in incredible dimension jumping adventures, Mister Miracle was part of Kirby's 'fourth world' concept for DC Comics. If you want to understand why Kirby is held in such high esteeem amongst fans and his peers you could do worse than check out the adventures of Mister Miracle, they're outlandish, exciting and above all great fun.


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