Monday, 25 March 2013


The mainstream success of The Jam, the release of Quadrophenia and the Two Tone movement all influenced the short lived London based Mod Revival. Leading the way were Secret Affair who were a pretty good pop group with not quite enough umph to spearhead any sort of movement. Their leaders were Ian Page & David Carns, and like most bands that kick start anything they needed a bit more charisma. Other bands quickly emerged like The Purple Hearts, The Merton Parkas,The Scooters, The Chords, Back to Zero and the Lambrettas, most were pale Jam imitators. To be fair the whole thing started out at a real grass roots level and had an admirable 'can-do' attitude about it. The so called New Romantic scene killed off this short lived moment in British pop but The Style Council, The Beat and Dexy's Midnight Runners pretty much achieved some of the objectives that Secret affair weren't able to with the help of members of some of the bands who were those very same Mod revivalists.

Secret Affair-Time For Action
The Lambrettas-Poison Ivy
The Chords-Maybe Tomorrow
Purple Hearts-Millions Like Us
Merton Parkas-You Need Wheels

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