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Some Shy & retiring types in Kavos
“I’m fairly certain that YOLO is just Carpe Diem for stupid people”-Jack Black
'Investigator' Stacy Dooley talks to the Magaluf locals
Two of our terrestrial channels broadcast programmes about young British people going ‘crazy’ in Spain and Greece on the same night this week. The titles of these, supposedly revealing, documentaries were The Truth About Magaluf and What Happens In Kavos. Both were utterly appalling and free of irony. What they showed was akin to a painting by Heironymous Bosch.

A swathe of generic young people, both male and female, with manicured eyebrows and fake tans descending locust like on the bars and clubs of Magaluf and Kavos. Individuality left at home replaced by aspirations to be Z-list celebrities. There role models? Geordie Shire and TOWIE: the ubiquitous shorthand speak for The Only Way Is Essex.

An example of the inane from another BBC 3 Documentary

They produce sound bites about how hard it is for young people today, that there are no jobs and there is a recession. Their only respite is to go berserk in Mediterranean resorts and vomit every night for a fortnight. My generation said the same thing when I was a similar age but the difference is that my generation wanted to get up and do stuff: formed band, get into writing, designing, creating and generally sought inspiration rather than regurgitation.

The Voice of a generation speaks
They spout the mantra "YOLO!" (You Only Live Once) as a pack of braying donkeys, oblivious to the irony of this call to arms.

Swathed in uniformity they embark on a nauseating and frankly embarrassing spree of over indulgence with scant regards for the locals, culture and propriety or indeed their own health. Their degradation in the full public glare is an orgy of unseemly and dangerous showing off. They quaff plastic buckets of cheap alcohol like pigs at a trough; engage in random sex with random stereotypes before stumbling to the self created squalor of hotel rooms, their early hour’s antics often leading to rape, theft, sexual infection and death.

It's not hedonism it's gluttony

I can just see Gideon and Bella smugly dreaming up ways to exterminate all rational thought through exploitative TV Docusoaps aimed at the unschooled underclasses as they sit in the comfort of their new media offices in Dalston sipping seaweed Frapuccinos and munching on the latest ecologically sound vegetable purée seasoned with Cockroach stock which they had delivered by Unicycle from Stepney.

It's the Roman gentry watching the gladiators and geeks, yet
some might say, "they're only having a bit of fun", well maybe the Luftwaffe were having a bit if fun when they went on a bombing raid: they still did a hell of a lot of damage though.

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