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From multi-layered and groundbreaking Hill Street to Sunny and lightweight California

The world of the TV Spin off, and for every Frasier or Rhoda there are abominations commissioned on the back of successful TV series. It seems, however, that some of the very best shows have spawned truly awful televisual children. Yes that includes such classics as Hill Street Blues, Cheers, Friends and MASH. Look on these works and beware.

The Tortellis-Cheers Spin off

Beverly Hills Buntz-Hill Street Blues Spin Off

 Fish-Barney Miller Spin off

After MASH-MASH Spin off

Joey-Friends Spin off
And yes we Brits aren't immune from such cock ups. Witness the hazards of spinning off from such classics as Only Fools and Horses and Porridge.
The Green Green Grass-Only Fools and Horses Spin off
Going Straight-Porridge Spin off
Of course Happy Days is remembered fondly even though it wasn't one of the best of shows. It produced it's own Black Sheep in the form of Joanie loves Chachi, Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy: all equally mediocre, but they topped even this with a couple of other exceptionally poor efforts.

Out Of The Blue-Happy Days Spin off
Blansky's Beauties-Happy Days Spin off

Which brings us back to the wonderful Hill Street Blues, and how about this for a flagrant selling on of the brand? The Baseball series Bay City Blues, which has nothing to do with Police procedurals, but has a cast of Ex Hill Street Bluers and a young (ish) Sharon Stone.

Bay City Blues

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