Monday, 28 January 2013


10 of the best Bizarre, esoteric and downright weird mainstream comic books.
With the rise of independent comic books in the eighties opportunities for writers and artists to explore new challenging avenues became frequent but there was a time that, within the constraints of the four colour format and commercial considerations of the traditional Superhero
comic book, some creators pushed the envelope: and got away with it. Some did it under the radar, some in obvious ways and some utilising downright silly methods to make a point. Artistically and within the script, ambition and surrealism collided and led the way for experimentation in that mainstream thereby influencing the independent creator.

Krazy Kat,Little Nemo and others had been given free reign previously but that was within the more cerebral newspaper world. These stories took place in the highly commercial world of the Marvel/DC cape & cowl universe.
1.Doctor Strange-Steve Ditko,Stan Lee
2.Warlock / Captain Marvel-Jim Starlin
3. Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.LD./ Captain America-Jim Steranko
4. The Creeper-Steve Ditko
5.American Flagg-Howard Chaykin
6. Deadman-Neal Adams
7. Swamp Thing-Alan Moore
8.Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane-Kurt Shaffenberger
9.Howard the Duck-Steve Gerber
10.Mister Miracle-Jack Kirby




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