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Lucille Desiree Ball 06/08/11-26/04/89

Lucille Ball was possibly the funniest female star that ever graced the big and small screen. Her long running TV Show I Love Lucy is very much a part of American popular culture but her comedic skill and timing are so good that they are often overlooked. 

Lucille was quite a beauty but her comedic gifts were what propelled her to super stardom.

Between 1933 and 1974 she appeared in numerous movies,on Radio and TV. During her time under the spotlight she appeared before The House Un American committee and overcame personal problems to retain her much loved status. Lucille also set up Desilu with her husband, a production company without which there would have been no Star Trek, Mission: Impossible or The Untouchables.

Her achievements are remarkable, including being the first woman to run a major TV studio, and her life story is fascinating. Her's is a story of sheer will power, charisma and hard work. She was quite simply a talent without peer. 


Finding Lucy Part 1

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