Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Basinger & Lake

Its accepted that actresses such as Monroe, Hayworth, Gardner, Taylor, Bergman and Kelly were the female movie stars that were the default 'most beautiful' (they could act too), but there were many others who are under appreciated as female femme fatales and sex symbol movie stars. These are the dames and broads that populate many a hard boiled yarn across the decades of hard boiled movies. Lets hear it for some of them.
Sylvia Sydney
 Virginia Mayo
 Ella Raines
 Gloria Grahame
Susan Haywood
Lizbeth Scott
Anne Savage
Jean Seberg
Jaqueline Bisset
Sean Young
Kathleen Turner
Yeong-Ae Lee
Linda Fiorentino
Gina Gershon
Uma Thurman
Anne Hathaway

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