Monday, 22 October 2012


We all know the James Bond themes, they are generally iconic and well known, but there are other songs hidden away in Bond movies, Bond productions and Bond compositions away from the main sounds and singers. Here are some of the lesser known Bond songs
If There was a man-Chrissie Hynde & The Pretenders
The Living Daylights
Surrender-K D Laing
Tomorow Never Dies 
For your eyes only-Blondie
For your eyes only
If you asked me to-Patti Labelle
License to Kill
The Man with the Golden Gun-Alice Cooper
The man with the Golden Gun
London Calling-The Clash
Die another Day
Thunderball-Johnny Cash
You only live twice-Bjork
You only live twice
Never say never again-Lani Hall
Never say never again
The look of love-Dusty Springfield
Casino Royale
Tomorrow never dies-Saint Ettiene
Tomorrow never dies
Stand by your Man-Minnie Driver

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