Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Produced by, written by, directed by and Starring Tommy Wiseau The Room is quite simply magnificent in its awfulness. Mr Wiseau is a genius of guilty pleasure a King of cock-up a Prince of pap a Titan of Tripe. The Room is far worse than ED Wood's finest; it makes Plan 9 from Outer Space look like Blade Runner. The Room is to drama what the Go Compare adverts are to high art. Don't just take my word for it, anyone who has seen it thinks its awful; wonderfully awful.
 The script is insane and the acting inane, it has everything that you would want from a bad movie. Its disjointed, bizzare and banal in equal measure. This is a cult you must not miss; once bitten forever smitten with this parade of the pathetic.
Tommy emotes resplendently
Hey, but he's caring too
This movie has become such a cult in the USA that there are all sorts of tie ins for this tawdry tale of tripe

Get down to the Prince Charles to see this masterpiece of schlock and awe. NOW!
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  1. Having just suffered the sheer awfulness of David Cronenberg's A DANGEROUS METHOD (or SPANKING KEIRA KNIGHTLY) how can I possibly subject myself to THE ROOM?

  2. Perhaps look upon it as a reminder of that old chestnut; "there's always someone worse off than you"


having said that;