Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Watch and cringe

The X Factor is not about talent and genuinely unearthing a singer who needs a chance; it’s about exploitation. It’s about cynicism and trite prearranged mock spontaneity. The latest episode of the situation tragedy saw the backstage camera dwelling on the faces of the teenage children of dire contestant Alison Brunton who was embarrassing both herself and her son and daughter in such an excruciating manner you prayed for her punishment at the hands of the cackling crowd to end.

That X Factor is what it is and I guess that those members of the public that go onto it in the hope of five minutes of fame should expect a Roman Arena atmosphere but I found the glee that was taken in the squirming of the two teenagers was unethical to say the least.

I doubt that the producers care given that the X Factor is a money making machine and after all, in the words of Paul Weller “The public gets what the public wants”

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