Monday, 17 September 2012


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Returning home on Saturday after a night out I stumbled upon A Study in Terror on BBC1. I settled down with coffee and toast to follow the delicious idea of Sherlock Holmes on the trail of Jack the Ripper.

John Neville makes a rather insipid Sherlock Holmes in this 1965 movie, using expositional deduction to hunt down Jack the Ripper in this lurid movie that has the look of a Hammer production. It's a rather better than the sum of its parts and has a certain swinging sixties (as is evident by the above poster) meets Victorian melodrama feel about it.

There are a number of false starts among the scenes of fog laden murder enlivened by vivid colour amidst the drab east end scenery. Barbara Windsor in her scarlet outfit and a young Judi Dench bring a feminine touch to proceedings.
It features Robert Morley, Adrianne Corri and former world champion boxer Terry Downe. Albert Finney as inspector Lastrade and Anthony Quayle as the coroner also add a touch of class. The concept was revisited in 1979 in Murder by decree which also starred Anthony Quayle and Frank Finlay reprising his role of Lastrade.

A Study in Terror is an enjoyable tale of murder mystery and broad stereotypes and sits nicely in the Sherlock Holmes, or Jack the Ripper cannon. 

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