Monday, 20 August 2012


Tony Scott sadly took his own life today. I hope that he is not just remembered for his bombastic output such as Top Gun, Days of Thunder and Beverley Hills Cop 2. His style was always high gloss and kinetic but his way with actors should not be underestimated

Those that want to see how good he could be should refer to percursor of the modern vampire movie The Hunger,or the underrated revenge thriller Man on fire, the dramaticly powerful Crimson Tide, the paranoia thrills of Enemy of the state , the comic book energy of Domino, or perhaps that best pure 90's action movie that few have seen ,The Last Boty scout. My favourite of his is the superlative True Romance a film in which he orchestrates a remarkable cast to great effect. Heres a brief sample of his work.
True Romance
the Hunger
Last Boy scout
Enemy of the State
Crimson Tide
Man on Fire

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