Wednesday, 29 August 2012

POP YOU LIKE-"Labrinth come in"

Music that young people like, good pop music that young people like, has to be a bit of a racket, it has to be a bit “turn that noise down!” Certainly when I was younger T Rex, Bowie, The Sex Pistols, Joy Divison and many more were frowned upon by people who where then the age I am now, but that’s music for you.

Earthquake by Labrinth is most probably aimed at seventeen-twenty five year olds but that’s not a problem; its an exciting record (yes I know its not a piece of 7” vinyl but you know what I mean). And there’s the rub. A good record is a good record. I’m not talking about song writing or performance I’m talking about the 3 minute pop record. Earthquake is a record that is of the moment and infectious therefore its great pop music in my humble. 

Regular readers may find this choice a bit unusual, given the flash accouterments of those involved but when you think about it pop music doesn’t need to be rationalised or pontificated over, it just has to grab your lugholes. This one does.

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