Saturday, 2 June 2012


London Olympics 2012 Junk food Sponsors of London Olympics 2012 send out wrong message

As a Londoner I resent paying for the Olympics. I resent it because of the myth of the Olympics being a cultural event for the people. The ‘people’ can’t actually get into the stadia to enjoy it. The ticketing lottery is farcical because the amount of seats available is just a small percentage of the seating capacity. The reason being that vast swathes of tickets have gone to corporate organisations.
London Olympics 2012 coke Junk food Sponsors of London Olympics 2012 send out wrong message
So we see tins of fizzy drink, washing up liquid, razors and confectionary items offering tickets. All you need to do is call a premium rate number or buy X amount of the product and collect coupons or go online give your details and hope for the best while those details are passed on for marketing purposes. Every one is getting in on the act, giving the public who have actually paid for the Olympics the opportunity to try to win tickets with an initial outlay that carries no guarantee.
Greed pure and simple; that’s what’s wrong with the Olympics. That’s not even to mention the appalling logo and excruciatingly dreadful mascots that no doubt cost millions in development.
The London Olympics 2012 will have something in common with the Berlin Games of 1936; athletes, industrialists and politicians surounded by symbols of idioligy. 
This time with £ signs instead of swastikas

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