Monday, 28 May 2012


I think it was Danny Baker on Twitter who asked ‘what was the best decade for music?’ I stopped for an nano-second and concluded “why, it’s the Seventies of course”

What's going on
Stevie Wonder and David Bowie were at their prime, Michael Jackson was making the transition from lead singer of the Jackson 5 to solo artiste extraordinaire, Marvin Gaye was going on a journey, Led Zeppelin were laying down the foundations for the emulating masses and Chic gave  the Disco scene depth.

Abba and The Carpenters showed how good pure Pop could be, the Sex Pistols challenged convention, Earth Wind & Fire put on a show and Elvis produced some of the best work of his career.There were Bob Marley and Kate Bush; one of a kinds both. Roxy Music created a unique style and Pink Floyd delivered a defining album in Dark Side of the Moon.The Specials delivered the two tone sound and Rose Royce gave us heartbreaking tunes.
London calling

Some great vocal groups of the sixties had disbanded and individuals made their own careers such as Eddie Kendricks. The Three Degrees bought glamour to grey British Tea Time TV

Great film scores: Jaws, Star Wars.,Taxi Driver,Get Carter, The Godfather, Enter the Dragon, Dirty Harry to name a few. Tremendous soundtracks from the Blaxploitation and Spaghetti western Genres also.
The Rolling Stones did some of their best work, Alice Cooper showed that he was more than just a sensational image and Roxy Music did their own thing. Marc Bolan & Elton John were producing great work, as were Steely Dan and The Eagles. Thin Lizzy barn-stormed and Blondie styled it out.
What's the name of the game
Funkadelic led the way with their funky groove, Parliament, Kool and the Gang, Cameo and Heatwave did likewise. Kraftwerk and Slade, Aretha Franklin and Johnny Cash, The Bee Gees and Bill Withers, Al Green and The Buzzcocks; diverse as you wanna be. The Seventies had it all in the way of music...if you want my opinion.

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