Monday, 21 May 2012


Lifeboat (1944)
Director Alfred Hitchcock

One of Hitchcock's under rated movies this is famous for the fact that the majority of the movie is set in a lifeboat. It's an interesting study of group dynamics and adversity.Tallulah Bankhead steals the movie as an alpha female reporter and it features one of Hitchcocks most shocking scenes when the survivors kill the German Passenger who has betrayed them; it's understated yet a powerfull moment. It's staged likea play and has an effecting script, it's lack of mosical score and it's starkness make for an intense character piece.Dismissed by some as just a propoganda piece it is far better than it's percieved to be and, for me, stands as one of Hitchcocks best movies.

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  1. I absolutely love that movie and it's indeed criminally under-rated and usually forgotten when mentioning Hitchcock's films. Well done for talking up such a fine film!


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