Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I guess I had never thought of the world of blogging as anything resembling a community. Regular readers’ comments are the links that let you know you’re not a voice in the wilderness and I am generally amazed that anyone is out there reading, let alone taking the time to give feedback and encouragement. The first blog that gave me inspiration that I could do more with my blogging was Fleapit of the Mind and then it’s associated brothers and sisters; the author Weaverman. I’ve also taken encouragement from Cerpts and his blogs

Both have been regular commentators on my blog and I theirs so I was pleasantly surprised when Weaverman got in touch and suggested, as he was in my area, meeting up.

We did.

Over some pints of London Pride in the humble, yet comfortable surroundings of the Swimmer we whiled away a good portion of Saturday afternoon chatting, sharing thoughts and generally enjoying each other’s company.

He was as I though; interesting, witty and kind natured. The afternoon was a real pleasure and should I venture down to Southend I will definitely hope to meet up over a pint of Southend Pride (or whatever the equivalent is).

Just goes to show that connections can come from unexpected sources and there are good people out there.

Cheers Ernest


  1. Kind words my friend and sentiments that are totally reciprocated. Now if we can only get Cerpts over here......

  2. The beer to be sampled down here is most certainly the wonderfully named DOOM BAR!


having said that;