Wednesday, 9 May 2012


The ten-a-penny/Pink Tracksuit/Fake Tan/Fake Nails/Dyed Hair/Uggs look

FHM Magazine has, over the years, found itself the arbiter of who exactly is the world’s sexiest woman. Much in the way that France Football Magazine has the big voice on the best footballer and the AFI are the go to guys for greatest movie, FHM has annually taken on the responsibility of deciding on this most contentious of titles.

The top ten reads thus:

  1. Tulisa Contostavlos-Singer?
  2. Cheryl Cole-Singer?
  3. Rhianna-Singer
  4. Rosie Jones-Occupation ‘Sexy’ Model
  5. Georgia Salpa-Model(ish)
  6. Katy Perry-Singer
  7. Megan Fox-Actress
  8. Keeley Hazel-‘Glamour’ Model
  9. Mila Kunis-Actress (sort of)
  10. Emily Atack-Actress slash presenter

Interesting to note the sheer lack of talent in this collection. “But what’s sexiness got to do with talent?” I hear you say. My answer, “a lot”.

It’s probably fair to say that the voting readerships aren’t going to vote for ‘that Brunette in accounts’. Their votes are based on who they see on TV and big screen and as such it used to be the case that to appear in a movie or on TV a modicum of talent was needed; not so any more.

Maybe it’s an age thing but I can find no parity in my view of what constitutes a sexy woman and this mob.
Girl power: Christina Hendricks (L) and January Jones looked excited to be taking part in the event
I Prefer...

Where are the sexy, talented and intriguing women? Some are further down the top 100, Christina Hendricks, Scarlet Johansson, January Jones for example. I guess it’s a sign of the times. This ten are ‘nothing to write home about’ without the make up, entourage, publicity and endless PA. It seems that smoke and mirrors is still in fine fettle

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