Thursday, 3 May 2012


My fault

To say that Fawlty Towers is a classic TV comedy is to hugely understate the case. It is the ultimate in situation comedy writing and performance; it really is that good. The fact that there were only 12 episodes adds to its standing; there was never an opportunity for a below standard instalment.
The characters are iconic. Basil Fawlty the snobbish frustrated class conscious owner, Cybil the over bearing wife, Polly the put upon assistant who provides a vestige of sanity, Manuel  not simply a stooge but a likeable innocent and Major Gowan a gem of a character. What makes Fawlty Towers so good in its characters is the excellent British theatricals that play parts in each episode. From Joan Sanderson to Bernard Cribbins we are treated to some great one off appearances.
Just thinking of the episodes conjures up the sublime. The Hotel Inspectors, the Germans, Gourmet night, the Kipper and the Corpse, Basil The rat, the Psychiatrists, The Builders, Waldorf salad, The Anniversary, A touch of class and The Wedding Party.


The episodes have extended takes during each episode that play like theatrical farce mixed with the surreal and the slapstick. Word play and verbal exchanges are brilliant to complement the physical humour.


Thanks to UKGold TV channel we are able to see Fawlty towers on a regular basis. There is something about seeing it scheduled and tuning in that is more satisfying than simply opening the box set.
A room with a view

It is a work of genius and in the world of the BBC situation Comedy in which there are such greats as Dad’s Amy, Steptoe & Son and Porridge it is the Heavy weight champion.

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