Thursday, 24 May 2012


Following the deaths of Donna Summer and Robin Gibb there's a lot of analysis of the Disco scene at the moment and for many the only reference point they may have is cheesy outfits and shocking wigs, medallions and satin.
Disco was and is much more than that. The greatest of the Disco artists produced uplifting records with which to dance the night away. Often there was a melancholy attached. The feeling of the everyday man or woman only really coming alive on Saturday night; a release from the rat race.
There are many,, many standards that most are familiar with but other less known offerings on labels like Casablanca, Salsoul, West End and Prelude:here's a selection of Disco records that give a taste of the depth within the genre.

Lenny Williams-When I'm Dancing
Stretchin' out-Gayle Adams
Hit & Run -Loletta Holloway
Strategy-Archie Bell and the Drells
Goldmine-Edwin Birdsong
When I come home-Aurra
Wishing on a star-Rose Royce
Just the right size-Salsoul Orchestra
Gonna get over you-France Joli
A Fifth of Beethoven-Walter Murphy
Esther Willians-I'll be your pleasure
My Forbidden Lover-Chic
Love don't live here anymore-Rose Royce
Ten Percent-Double Exposure
Windy City-The Windy City Orchestra
Do what you wanna do-T Connection
Cocomotion-El Coco
Check out the groove- Bobby Thurston
Victory-Curtis Mayfield
Doctor Love-First Choice
Bad luck-Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes

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