Thursday, 5 April 2012


The BBC has bought us many a thoughtful and well executed drama; One Night was one of those. Set over the titular one night and telling four stories of four people whose lives intersect in North London, writer Paul Smith delivered a fine script that was performed by a diverse cast of experienced actors and those clearly new to the art.

13 year old Billy Matthews gives a terrific turn as Alfie in this urban story of circumstance, class and race. Jessica Hynes; generally known for comedic roles also delivers a fine performance.

As the four stories unravel, the circumstances and whims of fate become clear.

Part four, Alfie’s story, has a couple of moments of incredible tension and empathy and there four parts together share some heart breaking moments.

One Night is superb Television that was tucked away late night in the BBC schedules. It's not the first time that BBC schedulers have hidden shows away, I am at a loss why this was given such a bad slot; it's far superior to most prime time dramas. Thankfully it's available on iPlayer.

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