Monday, 16 April 2012


I’ve written before about those girls from days gone by who were the quintessential movie and TV queens of the British film & TV industry in the sixties and seventies. Some born in exotic locales some in the likes of Cleethorpes. These were not the anorexic or pumped up Z-listers of today but rather the glamorous Amazonians and the alluring goddess’ of a bygone era. having recently watched one of each of the aforementioned franchise movies I got to compiling a top ten.

Not the big star names but the girls and women who appeared in the core British franchises: Carry On, Bond, Doctor in, Pink Panther, Gerry Anderson and Hammer. Also they made Sci-Fi Harryhausen and comedy appearances.

Here’s my top ten of these terrific titans of female pulchritude.

  1. Caroline Munro
  2. Valerie Leon
  3. Joanna Lumley
  4. Liz Fraser
  5. Shirley Eaton
  6. Barbra Shelley
  7. Martine Beswick
  8. Veronica Carlson
  9. Gabrielle Drake
  10. Marie Deveraux

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