Thursday, 29 March 2012


Petty minded local people who take an interest in their community matters of some form of self-congratulatory honour seeking agenda. Buddying up with Councillors who are themselves just civilians with time on their hands and delusions of self importance.
These people, pumped up with pomposity,have nothing better to do than write letters, send e-mails and generally cause mischief as a replacement for lives lived in quiet desperation.

They hoist their flag at interest in the community yet all they seek to do is rock the boat and create unnecessary work for others. Maybe they were bullied at school, perhaps they have low self esteem that only seeing others inconvenienced will alleviate.
They couldn't cut it in the political world and therefore chose a path of self righteous indignation.

Busy bodies is too cuddly an epithet; they are quite simply trouble makers and every community seems to have one.

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