Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Friendships are strong but can also be fragile. Emotions can get the best of the most staunch of us and when they do that fragility can shatter things, Family relationships are given without choice, partnerships are genuinely initially based on attraction  and can grow into m ore, but friendships are free of all that; they are strictly chosen and as such are of great value. There is randomness to their nature, a roll of the dice that brings friendships together. I’m fortunate enough to have not lost any friends to the Grim Reaper and I count myself lucky in this regard.

This weekend I think I may have lost one (no not to the Reaper thank god), by which I mean a conversation hampered by alcohol, emotion and circumstances escalated into a situation that leaves me feeling saddened.

What it makes me feel is that communication really is the gift that we too often take for granted. That fact was reinforced for me at the weekend, when things got heated and my friend exited the building. I wonder to myself, as I tend often to do, if I have made any errors, misjudged things, basically put my foot in it; who knows?

What I do know, and feel, is that perhaps this friendship really is kaput. And if that’s the case it saddens me.

The point of all this rambling? Well dear reader I say value your friendships, keep them watered and communicate. Don’t take them for granted.


  1. True words, Lets hope that friendship can be restored.-Pamela-Marie

  2. been missing you recently more than i can say. Could do with your generosity of spirit and your ability to say what i don't want to hear when i need it. Stefan

  3. As someone who had the very same situation happen to me three short months ago, I can say I really REALLY relate to everything you wrote. Even a friendship that's lasted 27 years seem just as vulnerable, sadly. I don't know if mine will ever recover but I sincerely wish you all the best in recovering yours.


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