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Yes they were a real brand and were available in newsagents. The advertising campaign knowingly contentious. The brand was launched at the start of the self proclaimed ironic Nineties and discontinued in 1995. A case of a product doing exactly what it said on the tin. They even made a low tar version Death Light.
"The Grim Reaper don't come cheaper"


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the black death cigarettes were discontinued in 1995, it’s a shame
Something like these (named “Death cigarettes”) are available in the Netherlands. They’re generally sold alongside things called “Pink Elephants”. They’re the length of most filterless pre-rolled cigarettes or Ireland’s favourite death-smoke, Majors. Both Death and the Elephants (Good band name) are incredibly noxious and, according to a friend who tried them, would put you off eating for 6 hours. Both are flavoured with vanilla, just to valiantly attempt to make them that little bit more attractive.

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