Thursday, 19 January 2012


So anyway, there I was up West in one of those ‘outdoor’ shops; you know, where they sell Ski boards, Ski Jackets, hats, rucksacks, Thermals, gloves, bikes and all sundry for the outdoor type when I saw the Wheelie bag, the Wheelie  bag designed by the one and only Ben Pepper. I say “only” as he is the only Ben pepper I know and I say “one” because he is one hell of a talent.

Ben is also a lovely fellah; even if he is Northern, a fellah I first met on a Stag weekend on two barges. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say the ale did flow much like the Norfolk waters we drifted along. Talent and niceness, a bit unfair really isn’t it. But I digress.
Having met Ben at the Stag we dined at the wedding in a beautiful Norfolk barn at which time I got to know him better. I promptly commissioned him to weave his magic on a pair of adidas Stan Smiths (US 13 white/white/white) which I had to get in the NYC adidas originals store. The result of Mr Pepper’s craft where superb and those sneakers have been worn sparingly, and with great gloating at their uniqueness on my part.
We don’t support our artists enough in the UK, that’s for sure but creativity thrives, Benny is one of those who deserves acclaim and further acknowledgement in my humble. Oh, and did I mention what a good bloke he is?

Ben is creatively ‘bang on it’ and should you wish to explore his creations further there is a link to his Blog over there on the right.

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