Friday, 6 January 2012


It's funny the people that get together through fame. It's often connected of course but sometimes random pairings occur and it makes one think of what would happen if a collaboration took place. For example...
Dali & Disney
Chaplin & Einstein
Clever & Cleverer 
Bowie & Taylor
Dogs Diamonds 
Salvador & Raquel
Big clocks 
Warhol & Hitchcock
The 39 tins of soup 
Jackson & Hill
Ben the fastest Milkman in the West
Colonel Sanders & Alice Cooper
Blood Lickin' Good
Bardot & Piccasso
The Bue Kitten
Kitt & Dean
Catwoman without a Cause
Brando & Chaplin
On The Goldrush
Hefner & Day
Playmaid of the month
Maradonna & Castro
The cigar of god
Woody & Michael
Billie Danny Rose
Robot & Addams
Tall dark and rusty

...and more recently
Brooker & Aisleyne
Charlie's no Angel

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