Monday, 19 December 2011


Pete V Life stars Rafe Spall and is a cut above the new comedy vehicles that proliferate on Channel 4 and BBC 3 at the moment. It has a gimmick, much in the way that Peep Show did with its POV style. Pete V Life is filmed in such a way as to give it the feel of a SKY TV sports broadcast; this gimmick is okay but not really needed as the show stands on it’s own merits; the writing and in particular Rafe Spall’s performance as Pete which is excellent.
Spall plays a sports journalist who has trials and tribulations cantered around getting work and getting girls (and trying to keep them). It’s a funny show and is well written with a good supporting cast; his mother and father are particularly well played. Pete is the stereotypical slacker whose best efforts at achievement are compromised by his unwillingness to be either honest or conscientious. Spall has appeared in a number of dramatic roles and is shown here to be equally adept at comedy.
It's a good comedy show and unlike a lot of the other comedic uotput doing the TV rounds, you don't need to be a teenager with skinny jeans and Hi tops to appreciate or enjoy it.

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