Saturday, 10 December 2011


Marshall Jefferson-Move your body 1986

This song was a landmark in the sense that it was the beginning of the end of the club scene as I knew it. It signalled the change in taste and the increase in BPM (beats per minute) that led to the new club scene. The style and tempo was to change to a scene where uptempo was king; with the attendant drug culture that came with it. The idea of the club scene as my friends and I had known it was to change and change forever. It led to the rave scene and the bang bang bang of modern 'dance' music.
Marshall Jefferson's record on Trax was not the first House record but was the first hit of the new genre.
Where it all began
When house music started in Chicago in the mid eighties it was an underground scene that was to expand and influence makers of black music. British DJ's took to house music straight away and it fed into the hedonistic lifestyle that was building.
We played it when it first came out as it was new and different and we were able to combine it with our usual repertoire. Then House music was everywhere with this song as the house anthem.
Every thing that followed on the Club circuit was about relentless beat and repitition.
When we first heard House music we naively thought it would never take off; but it not only took off, it took over.

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