Sunday, 13 November 2011


TOP 10 season 1-Created by Alan Moore with art by Gene Ha & Zander Cannon is a comic book masterpiece, no two ways about it.

The notion of a society where everyone has super powers or enhanced abilities and the idea of policing of that society, has been explored elsewhere; Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers for example. In Alan Moores’ Top 10 this idea is delved into in a far more complex manner. The stories in Top 10 are ensemble Hill Street Blues in nature, and address issues of godhood, race, gender, sentience and species. Precinct 10; Top 10 is the focal point of the tales unfolded in these interesting and thrilling stories.

The artwork by Gene ha and Zander cannon is superb in its detail and brings the mind boggling array of characters to vivid life. Its part hard boiled Police procedural part Sci Fi and part melodrama as the residents of the city intertwine, come into conflict, fall in love and commit crimes.

Such is the talent of Alan Moore that this is actually one of his lesser known works but it is right up there with the best that the comic book can offer.
A panel that nicely sums up the higher thinking behind the book
Spin Off Smax and Prequel The Forty Niners

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