Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Released in 1991 produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno performed by U2, Achtung Baby was something of a comeback and the album on which U2 reached a creative peak. In terms of rock it is superb. all the elements come together to produce a vibrant and interesting Rock 'n' roll album.
U2 divide audiences due to a perception of pomposity, however they know how to rock. Speaking as someone who has seen them live both in a small venue and large they are excellent as a live act. This album captures some of that energy.

The Fly

Mysterious ways

Even better than the real thing


Alongside powerhouse tracks there are great and thoughful songs, none more than the rematrkable ONE which is one of the great songs of the last quarter century. 
The 20th anniversary edition is being released this month of the album that bought U2 bang up to date and it certainly doesn't sound twenty years old.
U2 Twenty Years of "Achtung Baby" Coming in October 31

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