Saturday, 26 November 2011


Miller's Batman
Frank Miller has stretched out of the comic book world and gotten involved in directing films and being a ‘name’ in Hollywood, therefore his political thoughts are now noteworthy. He ahs spoken about the Occupy Wall Street movement and been met with accusations of right wing reactionaryism. He’s got a view and I guess he’s entitled to it.
More of concern to long term Miller fans is his latest piece of work in book form Holy terror; it’s not very good. It’s not about its pseudo irony and political controversy it’s the fact that it is just not any good
Miller-Sin City
Where once Miller led the way with his comic book work, both artistically and in terms of writing he seems to have fallen behind. His stylism looks uninspired where it was once groundbreaking. His dialogue clichéd, where it was once refreshing and his originality of composition now seems lazy.
The Miller of Daredevil, The Dark Knight, Ronin, Martha Washington, Sin City, 300 and Batman: Year One seems to had faded, to be replaced by rehash.
He has been overtaken by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Alan Moore and numerous others in the mainstream. Perhaps his Hollywood commitments are distracting him from the Comic Book world. His solo directorial debut, The Spirit, was awful and one get’s the sense that Miller is on the wane. In itself this is not a great tragedy; no one is great forever. It’s just a shame; a real shame.
Interesting piece on Miller

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