Saturday, 12 November 2011


The ever bombastic X Factor had it's newest sensational media moment with the expulsion of Frankie Coccoza; a boy whose ego far outweighed his talent. This lad summed up everything wrong with the so called talent contest. A flash Harry with big hair and a bigger opinion of himself, goaded and encouraged to get off his face at every opportunity. A young boy behaving as young boys do but with a production team in cahoots with the press in order to boost the shows ratings and therefore revenue.
It was inevitable that he flew, like Icarus, to close to the sun and suffered a similar fate.
This chap was un talented and a show off but to be fair he was handled appallingly and any responsibility that a multi million pound machine like the X Factor should have for the young people it ensnares into the showbiz web seems to have been jettisoned at the sound of cash registers.
Tonight's broadcast will no doubt have all the subtlety of the Nuremburg rally as it ratchets up the controversy level to Defcon one, as the young idiot sells his shabby story to the papers and wallows in his fifteen minutes of fame. A salutary lesson in modern day 'entertainmednt' and the meat grinding nature of celebrity.

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