Saturday, 1 October 2011


Frank Quietly

Scottish creators have changed the face of Comic Books, Alan Grant, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Eddie Campbell,Frank Quietly and Mark Simpson among others have reinvigorated the American comic book, bringing an outsiders view to this most American of art forms. Why the small country of Scotland has had such an impact is hard to tell but Morrison and Millar in particular have made an amazing contribution. Morrison in reshaping the DC flagship's of Superman & Batman and Millar creating a new Marvel universe that has certainly informed Marvel's cinema output. Foremost artistically though is Frank Quietly; an incredible draughtsman who's work has hints of Geoff Darrow and Richard Corben but with his own signature. His style also brings to mind Moebius and the Metal Hurlant era. The impact of these creators is hard to quantify but it is significant and follows on from the British influence in general that writers such as Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis and Dave McKean have given the industry. Our small island continues to excerpt it's influence.

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