Thursday, 20 October 2011


Tonight by David Bowie
The follow up to the successful Let's Dance album was far from being a hit; it was an absolute miss. Bowie had produced some of the greatest records of the period between 1967 and 1983. Blue Jean is probably the best known track and is pretty good (there is a interminably long video accompanying the song) there is little else to recommend the album. The Brixton Bard still remains iconic, but the good times had to end and, musically, they pretty much did with Tonight.
Blue Jean Bloated Video (edited)
Undercover by The Rolling Stones
1983 was also when the last drop of quality came out of the Rolling Stones with the album Tattoo You, it's follow up, Undercover, was quite frankly awful. Undercover of the night was far and away the best track and gave some glimpses of the Stones we all loved. However the rest of the material comes across as lazy. The Rolling Stones produced some of the greatest Rock 'n' Roll records ever; this was not one of them
Undercover of the night Bloated video

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