Saturday, 8 October 2011


Last Saturday, purely by chance I watched Jonathon Ross’ chat show which had a line up of Ewan McGregor, who I know from personal experience, is a good bloke, Gary Barlow who seems like a nice enough chap, some girl from one of those modern ‘beat combos’, Steve Coogan in Alan Partridge mode and a performance from Cee Lo Green.

What I saw was pure Shark jumping. The X-Factor promotional interview was dull; so far so expected. The Partridge interview was excruciating, but not in a good way. McGregor then jumped over the guests on a motorbike; no, I’m not making it up. This was followed by a cursory interview and Ross and McGregor having a long and elaborate set up before having a kiss.
The debacle was rounded of by Cee Lo Green performing (badly) from a cherry picker whizzing around the studio in a vertiginous exercise in pointlessness.

Now I have always found Ross an adept Television presence but this individual episode of his chat show was one of those moments in TV history that will go down in infamy. Tonight he returns and I think his audience figures will plummet as a result of the night of nightmare.

Shark well and truly jumped Jonathon.

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