Saturday, 8 October 2011


Wayne Wang's 1987 Movie stars Tom Hulce as a Comic Book artist who gets embroiled in a political sex scandal. It also stars the lovely Virginia Madsen in femme fatale mode. It's heavy on style and is a proto existential mood piece in the Michael Mann style a neo noir fore runner and features Adam Ant in the role of Artist CC Drood's (Hulce) best friend...sort of. The movie also has an unusual soundtrack with contributions by Stan Ridgeway. The fact only that Harry Dean Stanton appears in the movie makes it worth checking out.
William Friedkin set the style with To Live and Die in LA which Mann then ran with and Slamdance is an interesting, if not wholly satisfying take on the fledgling genre.

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  1. Good grief! I'd totally forgotten this movie so thanks for reminding me that I qUITE LIKED IT.


having said that;