Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Hai Karate
Hai karate was one of the early men’s fragrances that were popular in the seventies. It came in after shave soap on a rope and talc and smelt awful. Like its competitors Brut, Old Spice, Tabac, Cedar wood, Aramis, Yardley, Burley and the like it was a pungent, supposedly ‘manly’ mix.
Hai Karate even released a record!
What Hai Karate did have to distinguish itself from the herd was a humorous advert campaign here in the UK featuring Valerie Leon; she of Carry On, James Bond and Hammer fame. In fact she pretty much reprised her Hai Karate Role with Peter Sellers in Revenge of the Pink Panther
Pink Panther Leon
The other fragrances took themselves more seriously but Hai karate was strictly Carry on.
The adverts were wonderful examples of the British humour of the times and featured the Amazonian Leon enraptured by the stereotypical hen pecked nerd type once a coating of Hai Karate had been applied to his slight frame.
Far from being chuffed to have such a great example of feminine power after him his fear led him to trying to resist her charms by the deployment of second rate Karate chops (The fool).
I for one would have surrendered to Miss Leon without as much as a token struggle.

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