Monday, 26 September 2011


This is Jinsy  appaling

British comedy has always had its great moments of off the wall, scatological and quirky humour. From The Goons, Milligan and The Pythons to Reeves & Mortimer and the League of Gentlemen. Now Sky have decided to join in with This is Jinsy. Having watched it I have the following comment to make; It’s awful. Its not only awful but it commits that unforgivable crime of trying to be too clever at the expense of humour. It tries to be surreal and eccentric but comes across as tedious and contrived. It has stars queueing up to make appearances and unfortunately these comedy actors are far. far better than this show. The excellent Peter Serafinowicz, Harry Hill, Jennifer Saunders, Kevin Eldon and Katherine Tate are the well knowns that should have known better. It tries (that word is apposite) to be a cross between The Prisoner and every ‘quirky’ sketch ever aired on BBC and Channel 4 comedy sketch shows.

Its tripe masquerading as originality. watching it is like being on a bus ride with the worlds most irritating students...who are eating the rain.

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