Friday, 30 September 2011



1972 Thanksgiving day concert at Sing Sing Prison, featuring BB King Joan Baez who both put in wonderful performances but the act totally stealing the show is The Voices of East Harlem. There performance is electric and clearly resonates with the inmates; it's soul in the real sense of the word. Originally broadcast on TV it's available as a CD and in Documentary form. Take a look at the excerpts below, I guarantee you won't have seen many performances like these.

right on be free
young gifted and black
run shaker

Thursday, 29 September 2011


bus stop
The third in my Funky threesome is the song known simply as Bus Stop by The Fatback Band. This is a record that is gauranteed to get the most stiff legged person onto the dance floor. It's groove is hypnotic and it spawned a dance that went with the song and was seen on Soul Train and dance floors everywhere during 1975 and beyond. the beauty is in the simplicity and the pure funkiness of the it."People are you ready? to do the bus stop?"
bus stop

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Lady Sybil; which is nice 

Yes, I have now watched Downton Abbey and I have to say I'm pretty much hooked. I have of course read many pieces on why it is popular and how it managed to sneak in and grab a host of Emmys, so I can't add much intellectual analysis to validate this unpretentious and nicely crafted TV show. The Sunday night slot is perfect and quite frankly I never thought ITV had it in them. What I will say that best sums up its appeal to me is that it is like a warm bath, It's like a duvet, it's like apple crumble and custard. I look forward to the next episode; not with bated breath but with the anticipation of getting home into the warm after a journey in the cold.

you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares...

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


As soulful as it is jazzy as mellow as it is funky with a soaring vocal in the chorus and a great sax break, Leroy Hutson’s Lucky Fellow is an under rated classic from a bountiful era in club culture. It appealed to Jazz Funk aficionado, soul boys and the musically minded clubber. Leroy Hutson formerly of the impressions; where he came in to replace Curtis Mayfield, which gives an idea of his status, and The Mayfield singers, delivers a great vocal and listening to this song takes me right back to the time and place when the Club scene was at it’s most vibrant in it’s underground appeal.

Leroy Hutson-Lucky fellow
Hutson with Curtis Mayfield

Sampled perfectly on the brilliant Erykah Badu  album Baduism this song had a new lease of life and a much deserved rekindling of Hutson’s flame. Hutson is one of those artists who just plays performs and keeps the flame burning; at 66 he is planning a new album.

Erykah Badu-No Love

Monday, 26 September 2011


This is Jinsy  appaling

British comedy has always had its great moments of off the wall, scatological and quirky humour. From The Goons, Milligan and The Pythons to Reeves & Mortimer and the League of Gentlemen. Now Sky have decided to join in with This is Jinsy. Having watched it I have the following comment to make; It’s awful. Its not only awful but it commits that unforgivable crime of trying to be too clever at the expense of humour. It tries to be surreal and eccentric but comes across as tedious and contrived. It has stars queueing up to make appearances and unfortunately these comedy actors are far. far better than this show. The excellent Peter Serafinowicz, Harry Hill, Jennifer Saunders, Kevin Eldon and Katherine Tate are the well knowns that should have known better. It tries (that word is apposite) to be a cross between The Prisoner and every ‘quirky’ sketch ever aired on BBC and Channel 4 comedy sketch shows.

Its tripe masquerading as originality. watching it is like being on a bus ride with the worlds most irritating students...who are eating the rain.

CONSIDER-Gene Hackman as

Sunday, 25 September 2011


"Can't get enough of that funky stuff" ; so the lyric goes, and on this perfect slice of funk from the magnificently named Kool & the Gang you just can't get enough. the term 'bells and whistles fits this record perfectly as it has both along with an incredible groove that only the comatose wouldn't move to. Kool & The gang became something of a pop act in the eighties but be in no doubt they knew how to lay down the funk; magnificently so.
funky stuff

Friday, 23 September 2011


Four Lions is Chris Morris' debut feature film and the subject matter caused controversy from day one. What it is ,apart from being intelligent and provocative, is very funny, very funny indeed. Full of off the wall moments and sublime dialogue its one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I could go on about it's cleverness and invention (which Morris is a master of) but I'll just advise you to watch the clips.

“I can't even get them to stir the tea without smashing a window “

“You fucked up Rabbit with no ears”

“Pyjama wearing cockerel dicks”

“Blow up the Internet by landing arse first on a laptop”

“Asian man’s head falls out of tree”

“It's a cultural thing. We bazooked an Ostrich At that wedding I was at”

“I may ask you to blow yourself up but I will never ask you to piss in your own mouth”

“With all due respect bro you like Maroon 5”

“Your rhymes doolally”

She's got a beard
McDonalds V Chicken Cottage
Rabbits with no ears

Blow up the internet

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Black widow on screen
Pretty much a B list character associated with Iron Man and Daredevil,or rather their alter egos Tony Stark and Matt Murdock, The Black Widow has always been part of Marvel's take on the world of espionage. As time has passed her character has developed into a female cross between James Bond & Jason Bourne. Working for The KGB, S.H.I.E.L.D and HYDRA. A Femme Fatale, Spy and Superhero who, for obvious reasons, is popular within the Comic book fraternity, however her adventures have developed into interesting and mature stories that are both entertaining and intriguing; something for the grown ups.
Meet the Widow

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Ben Grimm AKA The ever lovin' blue eyed Thing. Master of the one liner, tragic figure, powerful superhero, member of The Fantastic Four. Loved by his Aunt Petunia, derided by The Yancy Street Gang. My favourite character in my all time favourite Comic Book.

"It's clobberin time!"

the 'coulda been better' big screen version
the strange ridiculous version
the legendary zero budget version

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Ali's nemesis, smokin' Joe took him to the brink in Manilla and was the unstopable express train in the division. Frazier is remembered in context of his battles with Ali, but he was a phenomenal fighter in a time when the Heavyweight world was full of greats. Joe is still around in the world of boxing and he still strikes an imposing figure. He looks part gangster, part preacher, part cowboy but still Smokin'.