Tuesday, 9 August 2011

View from the beach;Back in London It's all gone post apocalyptic  In a culture where possession and product is king the underclass scavengers have opportunistically descended on local cathedrals of capitalism with the sole intent of taking that which they have not earned but feel they are somehow entitled to.  These thieves and parasites have been gathered through the use of anti- social media; a tool they use readily to while away time between visits to the Job Centre.  The authorities, so befuddled by human rights and liberalism, do not employ tear gas and water cannon nor will those that are bought to trial receive more than a slap on the wrist. When the underclass turn into feral vultures they need to be met with extreme measures. Put troops on the streets if that's what it takes to impose order, build more prisons to put these miscreants in; with proper and lengthy sentences.  Those adolescents involved? Impact their failing parents by prison and fine.  The scum of the earth involved in placing London under a climate of fear are beyond fair and amicable treatment .They choose to break the law , they choose to leech off the honest working person, they choose to behave like savages; therefore let's see them being forced to pay for those choices. With full force. 

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