Thursday, 11 August 2011

Another view from the beach;35 years ago the sEx piStOLs spoke about AnaRcHY iN tHe UK and now it has come to pass. Our green and pleasant land has turned into a post dystopian Charlton Heston movie; dangerous days. The young offenders seen on TV screens in the last few days, and their 30 something parents feel immune to the notion of law and order and also feel an entitlement to the trappings of prosperity without having to earn them. I felt heartened to see members of communities taking a stand against the underclass rabble. A solution is going to take time but in the interim let's see the scum swept off the streets and let's drop notions of softly softly policing and manipulated human rights. Let's see law breakers who blatantly go about their corrupt business of looting and arson met with absolutely scathing punishment. The time to rebuild is right now, the time to excerpt maximum penalties is now. The time  for government to put our house in order, for the nation, for law abiding citizens, is now. A solution and a plan has to come out of this abdominal situation to ensure that down the line this never ever, ever happens again because conditions, morality and standards don't allow it

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