Sunday, 24 July 2011


Candyman takes an urban legend, an eager student looking for the perfect dissertation and introduces obsession into the mix. Candyman is that rare thing; an intelligent and thoughtful horror movie that is genuinely scary. It is a ghost story but not set in an old dark house but in the projects of an American City. It has possibly the only leading horror character that is African American; Tony Todd’s Candyman is an equal to Michael Myers, Freddie and a number of other modern day Scary leads.
The under rated Virginia Madsen plays Kelly Lyle who becomes inter twinned with Candyman and channels him to wreak karmic justice. Is he turning into something more than just a subject matter for her? There are a lot of things unsaid in this movie. From the opening of the film you sense the feeling of isolation in a metropolis that leads Madsen’s character to jump in with both feet into discovering the reality of the legend.
We are left none the wiser by the films end as to what is real and what isn’t. Is Lyle a killer? Is the legend real?
Candyman has an interesting script by director Bernard Rose and Clive Barker and is something of a meditation on race. It also features an experimental Phillip Glass soundtrack. This is a B movie in most regards but an A movie in its genre. I would recommend a viewing; however stay away from the inevitable sequels.  

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